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Love letters in London

Love letters in Shoreditch, inserito originariamente da Lucy in giro.

After admiring A Love letter for you murals, I finally spotted a similar one myself in London.

I think we should move to Shoreditch.

When did I realize I was an adult?

For the first time since I started the WordPress PostAweek challenge (not always completed, to be honest) I decided to write about the topic proposed. And writing about myself explodes the visits to my blog, you avid gossip readers!

I said to S. recently that we are adults, but somehow we did not realize we were growing up. I feel like we missed something, the last steps. How did we get here? When was that moment? Here you are adult, long time adult, actually, but when did you turn into one?

N., the man who went to a school where they teach you how to be always right, once over dinner already told me that adulthood means taking decisions and defending them.

There was that time when I crossed the Channel alone, the car in the ferry, my life in the car. The ferry smelled like childhood vacation, and I, suddenly, was my dad. The one in charge, the one who goes below deck when the drivers are called.

And that time when I thought my dad was me, that I could help him understand, and not the other way round, even if he doesn’t want to.

There was that day I discovered I was lied to, and then told the truth, and didn’t like it.
I desperately cried my anger over the reality, like the young myself always does. Then I woke up, and dealt with it because I decided that no pain nor pride could justify giving up what I wanted. And never regretted it.

I always forget to ask N. the name of the school, though.

Changing, mistake by mistake

Part one of thousands

I was sure doors would open in front of me, and for long  I seemed to have lost the keys.

I thought I’d always be thin. Now I can’t imagine myself without my breasts and hips. But I also thought I would never have to worry about my weight, and now I know I need to.

I thought I did not need to get married, and I wanted to have separate lives with an independent boyfriend, and many casual foreign lovers. But then I met you.

I swore I’d never take drugs. Now I add: I do not take drugs unless a respectable member of the medical society rightfully prescribes them to me.

I thought I’d never doubt about how good I am, and for almost four years I did nothing but this.

I thought I was meant to be rich, and I have learned to scale down my expenses with no regrets nor anger.

I thought happiness was overrated, now it’s almost the only thing that counts.

The list can continue, and will.

And I thought I'd never live on a sunny seaside... well, I've never thought such a sunny seaside existed in England