Archivi del mese: settembre 2011

Too bad for the literature

Where is the catch? I asked myself many times during the past two weeks.

I did my best to live in tragedy, loving, betraying, hating, tearing my hair out so that I could write something like Anna Karenina in the end. But tragedy seemed to pass by me and always managed to escape somehow.

I lowered my expectations and thought that maybe I could have enough humor and bad taste in men and write a Bridget Jones’ diary kind of novel.

It turns out that I am living a fairy tale, where the protagonists meet, fall in love, get married and eventually get to know each other afterwards. A thing like Cinderella with equally uncomfortable shoes but without the houseworks, or a Snow White who eats cakes instead of fruits.

So is this the catch of my happily ever after, bad literature?

However, how many of you got to the end of Anna Karenina? And how many know Cinderella’s story?

Plus, I´ll get to know the answer fairy tales never give: how does happily ever after look like?