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Will you marry me?

Today two people asked me to marry them. If only one person proposed I could have considered it quite ordinary, I’ve been there before (actually no, I’ve never been asked), but two: it clearly deserves some thinking and writing.

I talk about a lot of things I am not a expert of and working as a journalist doesn’t help.
I am certainly not a meringue expert, I’ve baked them only a few times. I am not a marriage expert since I’ve been married for six months only: precisely today by the way.
Maybe it’s the oven, maybe it’s the husband. But hey, they both came out well. Maybe it’s me too, couldn’t it be?

Many say that they prefer not to get married so that they can choose each other everyday. While of course I respect that, it leaves me unsatisfied. I don’t need to ask myself the question everyday. I love him so much or maybe just enough to know the answer will be “yes”. People change overtime, you say, and I agree. But I could not imagine a different and older version of myself who doesn’t love cream and meringue and raspberries and Orso.
Thus to celebrate this half anniversary and my double marriage proposal I chose a mini version of our wedding cake: Pavlova with berries.

Mini-pavlovas with berries and cream

Pavlova is not the most obvious choice for a wedding cake, since you cannot make a real a piece montée out of it, there is no cake dough in it, just meringue. Two people who haven’t known each other for long, who only had a long distance relationship, who have never lived together and who don’t speak the same language(s) are not the most obvious characters for a wedding. Sometimes you have to trust yourself with making the right choice.

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Since I’m not home I don’t have the exact recipe with me: be patient!

This cake is for Orso, who is -needless to say- in a different country than me at the moment, and for the two people who consider me enough of a friend and a marriage expert to ask me to marry them: to each other.

I said yes.