Changing, mistake by mistake

Part one of thousands

I was sure doors would open in front of me, and for long  I seemed to have lost the keys.

I thought I’d always be thin. Now I can’t imagine myself without my breasts and hips. But I also thought I would never have to worry about my weight, and now I know I need to.

I thought I did not need to get married, and I wanted to have separate lives with an independent boyfriend, and many casual foreign lovers. But then I met you.

I swore I’d never take drugs. Now I add: I do not take drugs unless a respectable member of the medical society rightfully prescribes them to me.

I thought I’d never doubt about how good I am, and for almost four years I did nothing but this.

I thought I was meant to be rich, and I have learned to scale down my expenses with no regrets nor anger.

I thought happiness was overrated, now it’s almost the only thing that counts.

The list can continue, and will.

And I thought I'd never live on a sunny seaside... well, I've never thought such a sunny seaside existed in England


3 risposte a “Changing, mistake by mistake

  1. Thank you so much!

  2. sicuramente è da annoverare tra gli articoli più belli!!!


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