September, you won’t have me this time

Things I’d like to do in the next six weeks: refresh my Chinese, pick up some German, find a reporter/producer job in Europe, bake a perfect meringue, run, build a new website, do my own showreel, go to a vintage festival, move house, and take the most definitive decision of my life.

I guess it will require more organisation than Google Calendar can offer…

Well, I think I could go for a good meringue, but you know me: I’m a baking overachiever. What are your plans to be in the right place when everything starts again in September?


5 risposte a “September, you won’t have me this time

  1. Things I did the last six weeks: take the most definitive decision in my life (to say it in your words), start a new job, move houses, book a trip to Acqui Terme, drive eight different cars, drink a lot of wine. Things I`d like to do the next six weeks: travel with friends, go to an italian wedding, buy my first own dishwasher (second to most definitive decision in my life), build my own garden chairs.

    I love your pages! Exited to meet you… best wishes from Lemgo.

  2. Thank you Julia. There is definitely an advantage in not having a very extended readership: I can reply to every comment I receive. There are here and there articles and recipes in English (sometimes they are at the bottom of the page). For more you can read here: and here: but I warn you, what i do when I don’t cook or travel I’m not as funny.

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    • kinha comentou em 10 de agosto de 2012 às 11:05. Julia, faça um ranking das melhores bases para nós. Será de grande valia! Eu no momento estou usando a Make up for ever base HD, é perfeita. Só não gostei do primer, na minha pele ele esfarela um pouco. Qual vc sugere para eu substituir, minha pele é mista e ultra, mega clara. bj

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